Starship, Woollim, and 8-D Creative Offered Ahn Joon Young PD Services During “Produce 48” and “Produce X 101”

3 of the 4 agencies were revealed.

Three of the four agencies that were mentioned to have provided Ahn Joon Young PD with services in exchange for benefits during the Produce series have been revealed by Yonhap News.

Prosecution Reveals All The X1 and IZ*ONE Final Members Were Rigged, Plus 1 Wanna One Member

According to an exclusive report from Yonhap News, the three agencies are Starship Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, and 8-D Creative. A total of 8 suspects have been indicted by prosecution, including five people from entertainment agencies. These include Starship Entertainment CEO Kim Si Dae, Starship Entertainment Vice President “Kim”, Woollim Entertainment employee “Lee”, and 8-D creative employee “Ryu”.

All of the people involved have been indicted without detention for violating the law on the prohibition of bribery, breach of trust, and illegal solicitation. They have been found to have offered Ahn Joon Young PD between ₩10-50 million KRW ($8,401-$42,005 USD). However, it has yet to be confirmed whether the entertainment company’s trainees were placed into the final groups of X1 and IZ*ONE.

As of now, all three agencies have yet to release a statement on the issue. 8-D Creative stated that “Ryu” is not in the office at the moment.