85% Of Surveyed SM Entertainment Employees Disapprove Of HYBE’s Takeover Of SM

They prefer the new system.

Based on a recent survey of SM Entertainment employees, 85% of them disapprove of HYBE and Bang Si Hyuk‘s takeover of the company.

According to a report from Star News, SM Entertainment employees who previously identified themselves as working for the company through the anonymous corporate employee platform Blind participated in a poll debating on the takeover of SM Entertainment by Bang Si Hyuk and HYBE.

In the survey, over 200 employees verified to be working at SM Entertainment at the time of the poll participated in the poll, with over 85% of the employees expressing their dissatisfaction with HYBE and Bang Si Hyuk’s acquisition of the company. Instead, the employees preferred to continue with the currently shared plan led by co-CEOs Lee Seong Soo and Tak Young Joon.

Earlier, SM Entertainment shared their new corporate structure. Later, SM Entertainment and HYBE announced that HYBE would be purchasing the majority of Lee Soo Man’s shares in the company, making HYBE the largest shareholder. SM Entertainment’s co-CEOs Lee Seong Soo and Tak Young Joon released a statement denouncing HYBE’s acquisition shortly afterwards. Later, it was revealed that Lee Soo Man had no other choice but to sell to HYBE, with HYBE later clarifying that Lee Soo Man will not be maintaining a role within the company.

Source: Xportnews