8Eight’s Joohee Reveals BTS’s Loyalty To Their Big Hit Entertainment Seniors

BTS is forever loyal to all of their Big Hit labelmates.

8Eight recently guested on Cultwo Show, and the group’s female member Joohee revealed how BTS showed their undisputed loyalty to their Big Hit Entertainment sunbaes (seniors).

8Eight made their debut in 2007 under Big Hit Entertainment, and while members Joohee and Baek Chan left the agency in 2014, Lee Hyun has still remained in the agency ever since, even taking part in the agency’s 15th anniversary photoshoot with BTS and TXT.

Bang Si Hyuk contacted the trio to celebrate the group’s 10 year anniversary of their hit song “Without a Heart” in 2019, and that message led to the trio deciding to reunite for a special single. Bang Si Hyuk once again produced their song for them.

Bang Si Hyuk contacted us on the 10 year anniversary of “Without a Heart” to congratulate us. It’s because of that message that the three of us met up again.

We talked about how we should promote together again, and one year later, we are back with a new song.

— Lee Hyun

In their downtime, all three members have been active in the music industry. Lee Hyun has continued to release solo music, while Baek Chan transitioned into the production side and opened a YouTube channel where he reveals 8Eight’s previously unreleased music. Joohee also released solo music, under Baek Chan’s production.

Joohee didn’t just deal with music though. She also revealed she opened up a film studio in Gangnam, and shared that her very first customers were none other than BTS!

Recently I opened up a 100-pyeong (330 sq. meters, 3,558 sq feet) film studio in Gangnam. My first customers were BTS.

We filmed their album jacket pictures. They were the first guests I had after opening. I was really surprised that BTS contacted me so suddenly.

— Joohee

8Eight made their comeback after a 6 year hiatus with their song “Again deceived in love”, produced by Bang Si Hyuk.

Source: Xportnews