BTS’s Big Hit Senior, 8Eight’s Baek Chan, Talks About Their Trainee Days

He remembers what they were like long before their debut.

Long before BTS and TXTBig Hit Entertainment had another group: 8Eight.

8Eight, a co-ed trio, debuted in 2007 and disbanded in 2014 after two of the members (Joo Hee and Baek Chan‘s) contracts expired. After six years, the group reunited to release a comeback single on February 7, 2020.

ARMY and MOA are most-likely to be familiar with the third member of this former group, Lee Hyun, who is still signed to Big Hit Entertainment as a soloist.

On April 15, 8Eight’s Baek Chan guested on the radio show Noon Song of Hope. When a listener asked him about his relationship with his label juniors, Baek Chan said, “I am not close with [BTS], but from the perspective of an artist, they are cool, and they produce great things.” 

“The BTS members danced on 8Eight’s concert before debut for stage experience,” he went on. “They would practice vocals in the basement practice room. There, Jimin asked me, ‘How do you do a falsetto?’. V asked me, ‘How do you hit a high note?'”

Like a good senior, Baek Chan helped out trainee-BTS by answering their questions. Now, in 2020, he is proud to see how well they are doing as artists. They’ve come a long way!

Source: MBD