The First Thing an Abused 9-Year-Old Girl Did Upon Her Escape Is Putting Netizens in Tears

The 9-year-old made a dangerous escape from her severely abusive step-father and mother.

It’s recently been reported that a 9-year-old girl made a risky escape from home where she was being severely abused by her step-father and mother, but what she did first upon her escape is breaking the hearts of netizens.

According to the report, the 9-year-old girl escaped her home through the balcony and used the banister to enter her neighbor’s home.

It’s suspected that the victim used parts that stuck out of the roof to cross over barefoot, despite being high up on the 4th floor of the building.

But what the young victim did as soon as she reached her neighbor’s home is breaking the hearts of many.

According to the neighbor, the victim ate Chapagetti instant noodles and scorched rice and drank a carbonated beverage in the empty home before continuing her escape.

The neighbor sighed and remarked,

Imagine how hungry she must have been to eat when she was in such an urgent situation.

– Neighbor

Although there were no CCTV cameras near the villa to document her movements, she was later captured on the CCTV at a convenience store alongside a citizen who reported her abuse to the police.

The employee shared that the victim was severely injured upon her arrival at the convenience store.

She was limping and was wearing slippers that were too big for her. Her hands were severely bruised and her face was bruised all over as well.

– Convenience Store Employee

When the employee asked her about what happened, she reportedly answered in a quiet but articulate manner.

My dad hit me. And my mom watched.

– Victim

It was revealed that the victim ate the packed lunch, banana milk, and other snacks that the citizen bought her before the police arrived at the scene.

Beginning back in 2017 up to just recently, the 9-year-old girl was severely abused by beating, having the bottoms of her feet burnt by metal chopsticks that were heated over a flame, and having her neck tied up in chains.

The victim is currently under treatment at a hospital and is expected to be transferred to a protective facility upon her discharge.

Source: Yeonhap News