9-Year-Old Boy Passes Away After Being Locked up in a Suitcase for 7 Hours

The step-mother attempted to justify her actions.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

The Chungnam Cheonan Police Department revealed that a 9-year-old boy, A passed away on June 4 after being put on life support.

On June 1, A was discovered in cardiac arrest following his step-mother’s report.

Despite the police and 911’s efforts to transport him to the hospital as quickly as possible, A passed away 4 days later.

Ahead of his discovery, A was locked up in a suitcase by his step-mother.

The step-mother explained,

A was lying, so I locked him up in a suitcase.

– A’s Step-Mother

It was revealed that when A urinated in the first suitcase he was confined to, his step-mother moved him to an even smaller suitcase. It was found that she even left the house for 3 hours with A locked up inside the bag.

During the police investigation, A’s step-mother stated,

I did it to discipline him.

– A’s Step-Mother

As a result of A’s passing, the police plans to charge his step-mother for child abuse resulting in death.

Source: Insight