9MUSES Euaerin Reveals She Had A Boyfriend During “News” Promotions And Why They Broke Up

Sis, you don’t need that sort of man!

It is a well-known fact that girl groups are governed strictly in their rookie days by their company. Even JYP Entertainment has a famous rule that does not allow their girl groups to date until a certain number of years has passed in their career! Shockingly, 9MUSESEuaerin revealed that she was dating during the time which the group was promoting “News”.

This was in 2012, just two years after their debut. She explained that the reason they had broken up was simple. For “News”, she often tried to get into the mood as it was an angry breakup song. She would do fierce gestures on stage as a result.

However, she revealed that males did not enjoy this side of her.

She had a boyfriend during promotions then…

…and he always questioned why she appeared scary and tried to be funny on variety shows.

MC JaeJae comforted her, saying that type of love isn’t true. Euaerin hilariously agreed, saying otherwise she would’ve married him!

Euaerin even made a public request to the ex-boyfriend, to tell her which points he did not like about her so that she can improve herself.

Her honest talk made JaeJae and fellow member Kyungri burst out laughing. She shared that the romance was rather short-lived anyway.

Well, guys, the lady is absolutely single right now if you want to slide into her DMs!

Check out her confession below.