Absolute Chaos Ensues As Korea’s Most-Hated Pedophile Cho Doo Soon Gets Released From Prison

He served his 12-year sentence in full, but Korea is unhappy with his release.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

When in 2008, sex offender Cho Doo Soon inflicted irreversible damages to the body of an eight-year-old girl by raping her in a public bathroom, Koreans demanded that he get punished with a lifetime in prison.

Cho Doo Soon and victim captured on CCTV at the time of his crime. | MBC

Unfortunately, the case ended in Cho receiving a rather brief 12-year sentence. And as of December 12, 2020 KST, Cho Doo Soon has officially been released back into the society after having served his time in full.

Cho Doo Soon | Lawtalk News

In front of the Seoul Nambu Correctional Institution on the morning of Cho’s release, an army of police officers showed up — as a cautionary measure against the potential chaos that may ensue…

Seoul Nambu Correctional Institution | Seoul Nambu Correctional Institution/Facebook

… since Koreans remain growingly frustrated with the pedophile “being set freeEspecially with the recent JTBC Spotlight coverage on Cho’s “unusual behavior” of masturbating in confinement, allegedly “triggered by the electric wave from the electronic devices in the prison cell

Cho Doo Soon in his prison cell. | JOINS

… Koreans have been uneasy with his release, questioning whether “the time at the correctional institute actually successfully corrected his abnormal sexual fetish for young girls.”

A medical professional’s input on “Spotlight”. | JTBC

He’s still excessive in his sexual desires. And those desires are being actively expressed in his behavior. So yes, this does raise quite a bit of concern.

— Psychologist Shin Eui Jin

While it is not customary for the police to escort a released prisoner, the Seoul Nambu Correctional Institution transported Cho Doo Soon in an authorized van vehicle to minimize his contact with the angry crowd.

The silver van in which Cho Doo Soon is being transported by the correctional institute. | Sports Seoul

Regardless, a group of outraged Koreans attacked the vehicle. One YouTuber even climbed on top of the van and got rowdy.

Shortly after, Cho arrived at the Ansan City Probation Office — where the Korean press grabbed pictures of Cho Doo Soon in a baseball cap and a face covering.

When asked if he feels sorry for his actions, Cho Doo Soon kept his silence before walking into the office to complete his release process.

His probation officer, however, later commented that Cho “admitted what he did was abominable“.

He admitted what he did was abominable. He dropped his head in remorse, saying he will continue to reflect on his sins. He saw the angry people and said he didn’t expect them to be that upset. He looked sorry for what he had done.

— Probation Officer Go Jung Dae

Ansan City, where Cho Doo Soon has claimed he will reside with his wife, has drafted countless “preventative steps” to make sure he does not commit a similar crime again.

Ansan City’s Information Center with CCTVs watching over the city. | SBS

When the city first announced its plan to “keep an eye on Cho Doo Soon 24/7” with surveillance cameras and police officers, Koreans heavily criticized “the immense waste of manpower and tax money going into looking after a lowlife“.

Koreans protesting at Cho’s release with slogans like “Only A Death Sentence Fits Cho Doo Soon’s Crimes” and “Chemical Castration For Cho”.

I think it’s extremely important to note that Ansan City’s funds are literally being thrown away trying to stop a criminal from being criminal… when it could be used to help the victim and family have a better chance at life. Am I the only one who thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous that the tax money is being used this way?

— Korean Netizen

Watch Cho Doo Soon’s release here:

Source: DongA, WikiTree, YTN News, SBS News and theqoo