“They Are Abusing Children” Netizens Call For The Protection Of Underaged Idols After Learning Of IVE Jang Wonyoung’s Grueling Past Schedule

“They are using the child because they are blinded by money…”

Netizens expressed concern for underaged idols after learning of IVE Jang Wonyoung‘s grueling schedule when she was a minor.

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On May 10, an online post titled “The Schedule Of A Minor Idol Who Works Nonstop In Korea And Overseas For 20 Days” went viral.

In the post, which has since been viewed over 149K times as of this writing, a netizen reveals the nonstop schedule of a then-18-year-old Jang Wonyoung while voicing their concerns.

(Underaged idols) release albums every 3-4 months but in between albums, they have vocal and dance practices, commercial shoots, festivals, and overseas promotions.

I am an adult, and this looks difficult. I think minors should be protected, so I am posting this, ㅠㅠ.

— Netizen

September 18: “After Like” promotion ends

September 19: Chinese video call fan event

September 19: Red Cross ambassador event

September 20: 1. Yeonnam University Festival (Daegu) 2. Corporate event

September 21: 1. Semyeong University Festival (Jaechun) 2. Corporate event

September 22: Yeoju University Festival

September 23: Music Bank live filming

September 24: Yeonsae University Festival

September 24: Leave for Paris that evening

September 25-27: Paris schedule

September 28: Return to Korea

September 29: 1. Choong Nam University Festival 2. Choongbuk University Festival

September 30: Music Bank MC stage pre-recording.

September 30: Music Bank live recording

September 30: Sungkyunkwan University festival

September 30: Aju University Festival (Suwon)

October 1: Fan sign event

October 2-6: Paris Schedule

The author of the post also posted a 2020 article in which the director of the movie Architecture 101 describes Suzy, who was a minor at the time, as severely lacking sleep and eventually reached out to her then agency at the time, JYP Entertainment, to demand she got more sleep.

At the time of filming, Suzy was in between promoting with Miss A. At the time, Suzy, who was a teen and hadn’t graduated from High School, wore her school uniform to a meeting with the director.

Due to fulfilling a demanding schedule, director Lee Yong Joo saw how tired Suzy was. Shockingly, at the time, Suzy revealed she only got around three hours of sleep.

After learning this, the director reached out to Suzy’s agency JYP Entertainment and demanded Suzy be given four hours of sleep. This might have helped Suzy’s condition, which had improved during filming.

— Damovie 2020

Netizens expressed alarm and concern after reading the post. Many called for changes to be made to protect minors in the industry.

  • “I’m a minor, and I think this is too much…”
  • “Sigh, they are using the child because they are blinded by money.”
  • “At least the idols make money. The staff doesn’t even make that much, so I bet there is a discrepancy. More than anything, (idols) need to be allowed to sleep. Sleep is most important.”
  • “Those who say that it is okay because (idols) make money are seriously giving me the chills…”
  • “You think you can do it if you made as much? No one asked, LOL. They are abusing children ㅠ.”
  • “That looks tough…”
  • “Wow, isn’t their maknae born in 2007? Sigh, I wish they could promote while getting enough sleep, eating well, and being healthy mentally and physically.”
  • “I heard they eat a lot, but with that schedule, it’s impossible to gain weight.”
  • “At the time, I thought this was a serious issue, and now looking at it again, her schedule is definitely messed up.”

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