A.C.E Is Set To Star In Their Very Own Webtoon Series — We Know What We’ll Be Reading Soon

Get ready to add another amazing webtoon to your reading list:

We can always use another amazing webtoon to add to our reading lists and luckily, there seems to be a brand new webtoon in the works starring none other than A.C.E!

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Surprising fans with the news, Beat Interactive announced, “On The 23rd of last month, we established a strategic partnership with Storyverse Co., Ltd. Through this partnership we will be launching a webtoon series starring the A.C.E members.

Through this agreement, Storyverse Co., Ltd. will be in charge of the planning and production of the webtoon while Beat interactive will be in charge of group activities and promotions.

| Beat Interactive

Although further details about the webtoon have not been revealed yet, a source from the webtoon company expressed, “We look forward to working with A.C.E, the rising global star K-Pop group already well-known around the world, in producing a great story and contributing to the spread of the Hallyu wave.”

A.C.E, meanwhile, made their triumphant return with the release of their fourth mini-album HJZM: The Butterfly Phantasy in September.

Are you excited for A.C.E’s webtoon?

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Source: MBN
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