A.C.E’s Wow To Go On Hiatus After Developing Depression And Panic Disorder

The conditions developed following last year’s vicious attack and malicious rumors.

Beat Interactive has just announced that A.C.E‘s Wow (Kim Seyoon) will be taking a hiatus to recover from depression and panic disorders following last year’s super glue attack by an anti-fan and spread of malicious rumors.

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In February of 2020, A.C.E suffered from a super glue attack on their vehicle. This type of “bond terror” is used to cause vehicle malfunction, leading to the possibility of an accident or crash. In addition, Wow himself was the subject of many malicious dating rumors, as well as body-shaming comments.

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One of the hate rumors that directed a lot of hate towards Wow in addition to the dating rumors and body-shaming involved his supposed old League of Legends online game ID. The people behind the rumor claimed his ID was associated with misogyny and other indecent streamers. Beat Interactive published a statement saying the hate rumor was false, and proceeded with a criminal prosecution.

| Beat Interactive

Now, Beat Interactive has released a statement regarding Wow’s health, and the hiatus he will be taking due to the psychological anxieties he suffered from the aforementioned events.


This is Beat Interactive.

This is a notice in regards to the health of our artist, A.C.E member Wow (Kim Seyoon). Wow (Kim Seyoon) began to experience symptoms of depression and panic disorder caused by psychological anxiety last year and discussed related symptoms with us, and for more than a year, he has been consistently assisted by a specialist for counseling and medication. However, the symptoms have occurred periodically during the preparation period of music activities, and psychologically, he felt nervous and anxious about the future schedules so we conducted a thorough diagnosis through a medical specialist.

As a result of the examination, we received a specialist’s recommendation that Wow needs a lot of rest and stability for the time being. After discussion between Wow (Kim Seyoon) and A.C.E members, Wow (Kim Seyoon) decided to focus on the treatment and not participate in the music activities scheduled to be released in April.

Afterwards, we will decide whether Wow (Kim Seyoon) will be active after careful discussion with Wow (Kim Seyoon) about his health condition including a specialist’s opinion.

Currently, Wow (Kim Seyoon) is focusing on recovering his health more than anything else and he has recovered a lot from rest and treatment. We believe that the health status of the artist is most important so we will take this into consideration first and closely communicate with Wow (Kim Seyoon) regarding future activities.

Also, during the recovery period, we will only take letters of support related to Wow (Kim Seyoon). We ask the fans to give a lot of support. I’m sorry to tell you the sad news.

Thank you.

— Beat Interactive

While Choice (A.C.E fandom) were sad to hear the extent to which Wow is still hurting, they are supportive of his hiatus and wish him a healthy recovery. Choice have expressed that they will wait as long as needed for him to return happier and healthier.

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