Boy Group A.C.E Attacked By Anti-Fan Trying To Hurt The Members With Super Glue

The members’ mental health worsened due to the attack.

A.C.E was attacked late at night by a person who attempted to hurt the members with super glue, and their company released a statement on the incident.

A.C.E’s company, Beat Interactive, released a statement to the media after the incident occurred around 10 pm last night, February 18.

Hello. This is A.C.E’s company, Beat Interactive.

There are fans who are concerned about what happened last night to A.C.E, so we would like to let everyone know of the current situation and explain our future course of action.

Yesterday evening around 10 pm, there was an attempt at a super glue terror attack on the artist’s vehicle near their practice room.

This is a case where the person had the intention of purposely harming the artist and damaging property by identifying the artist’s travel time and route in advance. Upon noticing the incident, we have reported it to the local police station, and are carrying out a close investigation through an analysis of CCTV footage. We will carry out sever punishment against the perpetrator with no leniency.

Due to yesterday’s incident, the A.C.E members (Jun, Donghun, Wow, Kim Byeongkwan, Chan) are feeling psychological anxiety and a fear of a recurrence of a same or similar event.

In response, Beat Interactive will actively deal with the issues related to the artist’s well-being and health without any compromise to those who caused it.

— Beat Interactive

In addition, the company added a statement targeting those who harass and attack A.C.E online, saying they will not tolerate the spreading of any false or malicious information.

In addition, recent postings about A.C.E has been found online and on social media that can be considered groundless rumors, blatant personal attacks against the members, and malicious defamation. These have also caused the artists to complain of a serious level of mental distress.

In response, we have signed a contract with a law firm specializing in the field of online behavior, to file criminal charges against those involved for defamation and obstruction of business.

We ask for your cooperation in monitoring and reporting such posts to prevent something like this from happening again in the future.

Currently, the members will be adjusting their schedules as their mental health has deteriorated due to the attack. We will also arrange psychological counseling for the members upon their request.

Lastly, we are sorry for the trouble we have caused to our fans, and we are deeply grateful for the trust and support you have always given to A.C.E.

We will continue to do our best to ensure that A.C.E will be able to promote more continuously in the future.

— Beat Interactive

Super glue was used before by an anti-fan trying to harm TVXQ’s Yunho, but thankfully his manager caught wind of the incident and told Yunho to vomit out the juice he consumed, which was laced with super glue. If ingested, super glue can cause the trachea to seal up, leading to suffocation. Suepr glue can also be used to try and purposely damage a part of a car, to inhibit it from working properly.

Source: Sports Donga