40-Year-Old Actor Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Younger Model And Actress

The actor reportedly starred in the 2020 K-Drama “Good Casting”.

According to an exclusive report by Sports Kyunghyang, a male actor, Mr. A (40) is currently under police investigation for sexual assault and attempted rape of a younger model and actress, Ms. B.

According to a friend of Ms. B, Mr. A lured Ms. B to the Gyeonggi-do home that he inherited from his father by claiming to hold a party for friends. While knowing Ms. B didn’t have a car, Mr. A drove Ms. B to the home himself. But only when they arrived did Ms. B realize that no one else had arrived.

Mr. A and Ms. B have known each other for 5 years. And since Mr. A’s best friend once dated Ms. B, Mr. A reportedly invited Ms. B’s friends for a party to clear the awkward air. But Mr. A began to assault Ms. B while Ms. B’s friend was on her way to the house.

Ms. B’s friend claims that when she was on her way to the house, Mr. A grabbed Ms. A from behind. And when Ms. B tried to stop Mr. A, he made a sexual joke, took off his pants, and did something that she couldn’t bring herself to watch. Mr. A reportedly committed unsightly acts and Ms. B’s body was bruised all over during the process of fighting him off. She reportedly obtained bruises on her chest as well.

Mr. A starred in the 2017 film, Man of Will, the 2020 film, Beasts that Cling to the Straw, as well as the 2020 drama, Good Casting. And he’s currently in the process of filming another film.

Following the report of Ms. B, the victim has already completed her police investigation and Mr. A is scheduled for his police investigation on the 16th. Ms. B is currently receiving psychiatric treatment and planning to take strong legal action.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang