Actor Ahn Bo Hyun Shares Hot And Steamy Pics On Instagram… But Something Else Is Driving The Fans Wild

“Fine work of art indeed… The sunset, the body, those parking lines.”

In the latest Instagram update, actor Ahn Bo Hyun showed off his summer-ready bod with one hot and steamy series of pictures!

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun | @bohyunahn/Instagram

Carved like a statue, Ahn Bo Hyun’s godly physique has always been thoroughly appreciated by his fans and this update has been no different! Or… has it? 

While, initially, his fans got busy swooning over all the muscles…

| @bohyunahn/Instagram

… they also couldn’t help but notice one thing:

| @bohyunahn/Instagram

Just what in the world is going on with those parking lines?! 🤣

Yes, Ahn Bo Hyun is a work of art — especially standing shirtless on the balcony against the beautiful sunset…

| theqoo

  • “Wow.”
  • “I guess I like Ahn Bo Hyun now.”
  • “Had to go smack that like button on his IG.”
  • “Hot damn.”
  • “Wooow….”
  • “Wow is right…”

… but, Korean netizens agree, those parking lines cannot be unseen!

| theqoo

  • “Fine work of art indeed… The sunset, the body, those parking lines.”
  • “I came to see Ahn Bo Hyun, but I can’t see anything but the damn parking lines.”
  • “LMAO! Alright, which one of you pointed out the parking lines?!”
  • “Oh my goodness, I can’t unsee those lines now. HAHA!”
  • “The parking lines, LOL.”
  • “I had to go see for myself. Now I get why everyone is talking about parking.”
  • “What in the universe is happening to those parking lines?!”

Speculated to be taken at the Ocean Hill Hotel in Yeosu City — well loved by Koreans for its fantastic view of the waters (and, well, the parking lot that belongs to a cafe across the street) — Ahn Bo Hyun’s pictures are eye-catching on a whole new level!

The view from Ocean Hill Hotel in Yeosu City. | @sdmz25/Tistory

FYI, Ahn Bo Hyun’s sturdy build comes from his former years as a boxing athlete — specifically during his high school days. He has revealed in multiple interviews that, as someone who gains weight easily, he tries to work out regularly and that he likes all varieties of sports and exercise too.

Source: THEQOO

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