Actor David Henrie Just Asked SM Entertainment To Make NCT Dream A Fixed Unit

Two worlds colliding!

NCTzens were up for a surprise on January 17!

Actor David Henrie who played Justin Russo in Disney‘s Wizard’s of Waverly Place has released a video in support of NCT Dream.

Walking through an empty street, he delivered his message of encouragement to the idol group.

This is David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place. I want to send you some magical encouragement. I heard you guys have been together for years. You’re going through ups and downs, you’re doing so well.

– David Henrie

He then focused on the current issue among NCTzens which is the members graduating from the group. Fans wish SM Entertainment would keep NCT Dream as a fixed unit.

Heard that the boys themselves want you guys to stay together as a fixed unit. So I wish you guys all the best…

– David Henrie

He ended his video with a plea for the idols to stay together.

SM Entertainment…Keep going, don’t separate, NCT Dream. Been together for years. Work hard. Magical hello and magical 2020 to you. God bless.

– David Henrie


As soon as the video was released, fans of both celebrities were freaking out at the unexpected interaction.


They joked about how he must have been recruited by a fellow fan to say the message.


The sentiment was appreciated nonetheless!