Actor Hyun Bin Is Unrecognizable In Stills For His Upcoming Movie “The Point Men”

Is that a beard?!

Stills of actor Hyun Bin in his upcoming movie The Point Men are making news due to the actor’s transformation.

Poster for The Point Men | Plus M Entertainment

On December 14, production company Plus M Entertainment released still cuts of the movie.

In the pictures, Hyun Bin is seen rocking a beard, which fails to hide the actor’s goodlooks. The actor also changed his haircut, opting to go with a classic slick-back hairstyle.

Hyun Bin | Plus M Entertainment

The Point Men tells the story of a Korean military operation to free Korean hostages held by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

| Plus M Entertainment

In the movie, Hyun Bin plays a NIS agent who suffers from trauma due to a previous operation in Iraq in which he failed to free hostages. Hyun Bin’s character plans on retiring when he learns about the Korean hostages and flies to Afghanistan. The movie’s director, Yim Soon Rye, had previously stated he felt Hyun Bin was the perfect actor to play the character.

Park Dae Sik (Hyun Bin’s character) is primitive and free as the wind. I felt Hyun Bin would be able to act out the character’s loneliness and solitary personality well.

— Yim Soon Rye

Fans are anticipating a rougher, more rugged version of Hyun Bin — unrecognizable from the clean-cut, uniform adorned Ri Jeong Hyeok, the actor played in Crash Landing On You.

| Plus M Entertainment
Hwang Jung Min (left) and Hyun Bin (right) | Plus M Entertainment

According to reports, in the movie, Hyun Bin’s character, who believes in fighting first and asking questions later, struggles to work with the operation’s lead negotiator, played by one of Korea’s most revered actors, Hwang Jung Min.

| Plus M Entertainment

The movie The Point Men will be released on January 18.

Source: Wikitree
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