Actor Ji Soo Further Accused By Two More Netizens Of School Bullying And Sexual Harassment

More netizens came out to accuse Ji Soo of school bullying.

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This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

Actor Ji Soo has been further accused of two netizens of bullying and sexual harassment during his middle school days.

Following the initial bullying accusations levied against Ji Soo, he has been accused by two separate netizens of bullying and sexual harassment. The first netizen “B” claimed Ji Soo would bully them on the subway and even spotted Ji Soo urinating in his classroom’s trashcan.

When I was in 7th grade, Ji Soo slapped me in the subway. I can’t remember how much he hit me, but I’m sure it was more than once. He hit me again a few days later because I didn’t buy him a drink from McDonald’s. I was shorter than him so I had no choice but to be hit by him. I was very scared of him because he made threats to me, saying he did judo. And then he said he did judo on Knowing Bros, I had such.. mixed feelings.

He would also beat me during our basketball games He lost to someone like me, 150cm tall at the time, in a 2v2 basketball game, and he got so upset so he started to beat me up. Once I scored the final basket, the punches came flying in at me. He was the carnivore, and I was the herbivore.

Remember peeing in the classroom? During 7th grade, I was in class 3 and he was in class 2, and since our classes were so close, it would take under a second for him to come into my classroom. I went to his classroom to see my friend, and I was shocked to see Ji Soo urinating in the trash can. Even more shocking was Ji Soo saying he wouldn’t clean it up.

During 9th grade, Ji Soo was the main perpetrator of countless cases of bullying and abuse. I don’t think the public should like you anymore. I don’t think a violent person like you should be loved by the public after packing up and cleaning up your image. Some people have been abused more than I have, and some people certainly have not overcome what happened to them. This is karma, and I and everyone else who have been writing about your school assault feels the same way.

— Netizen “B”

The second netizen “C” claimed Ji Soo would even make sexually harassing remarks towards his own girlfriend at the time.

I thought it would be a matter of time since a new movement of school assault by celebrities would start spreading on the internet.

Ji Soo was really violent when he was in middle school. I also still remember being hit by the cherry tomatoes thrown by Ji Soo’s bullying group in the cafeteria. Ji Soo would pick on particular people, but he went around the school acting like he was the king, indiscriminately getting into quarrels with students, hitting and cursing them for no reason. I was so afraid of him, so I would always try to avoid him.

One day, I saw Ji Soo making sexual remarks about his girlfriend at the time, and those remarks just crossed the line. I went to the same elementary school as the girl and was friends with her, so I messaged her to be more careful around him, but the next day, Ji Soo came up to me, made a threat, and hit me. At that time, a different person in Ji Soo’s group stopped Ji Soo after hitting me.

When I first saw him on TV after he debuted, I thought he wouldn’t last long, but I was complacent in my thoughts. It was really shocking seeing his face on the first floor of department stores, in Olive Young, in dramas and movies, but most crucially, it was shocking to hear middle school girls in academies talking about him, saying they are his fan.

If I am legally responsible for my posts, I will stand in solidarity with the other victims. If the agency or Ji Soo himself states that these accusations are not true, I will return with more evidence.

— Netizen “C”

In response to the plethora of accusations, Ji Soo’s agency KeyEast simply stated they are still looking into them.

Source: Star News and Pann

Actor Ji Soo's Bullying Allegation