Actor Ji Soo returns to set after surgery recovery

Actor Ji Soo has returned to the set of ongoing JTBC drama Fantastic after his acute osteomyelitis surgery.

Ji Soo’s agency, Prain TPC, stated, “Ji Soo has resumed filming. Thankfully he has been recovering fast but he is still trying to be cautious while on set. The staff are accommodating to the situation and he is not hindering the filming process in any way. We are still observing his state and will act accordingly to his doctor’s recommendations.

The actor previously went for a hospital checkup after expressing unknown pain in his leg and was diagnosed with acute osteomyelitis. He paused filming for the drama after receiving surgery on September 13th. The drama staff wished him a speedy recovery and thankfully was brought back on set just in time, so viewers will be able to see him on the screen soon.

Fortunately, filming for SBS drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo was already completed earlier in June, which is the other drama Ji Soo is currently featured in as one of the main casts. In Fantastic, Ji Soo plays Kim Sang Wook, a love-driven young man, capturing the audience with his cute charms.

Source: OSEN