Actor Jo Byung Gyu’s “SBS Drama Awards” Win Has OCN, TVN, Netflix, And CJ ENM All Partying On Instagram

Even KBS came by!

At the 2020 SBS Drama Awards, actor Jo Byung Gyu took home the Rookie Actor Award for his role in the K-Drama Stove League.

Actor Jo Byung Gyu in “Stove League”. | SBS

Following the ceremony, where Jo Byung Gyu wowed his fans with this breathtakingly fancy tuxedo look…

OCN‘s official Instagram account celebrated the win with a special post dedicated entirely to Jo Byung Gyu. (Note: OCN channel is where his current K-Drama The Uncanny Counter is airing, in which he plays the beloved character of So Mun.)

[Our Amazing So Mun] Congratulations, So Mun, on your Rookie Award win! Son, we’re so proud of you! Mama OCN(?) wants you to stay healthy and… we look forward to the new year with you!


The actor seemed pleasantly surprised by the shoutout…

Jo Byung Gyu: … LOL. Mom, you beat me to posting this.
OCN: Of course, it’s your award ceremony, son! I was on standby.

… but boy, was he in for a lot more! Following the post by “Mama OCN”, other blue-badged official Instagram accounts began gathering in the comments. Joining the party first, Netflix Korea swooned with this message:

Whose-ever son this is, he is such a handsome boy.

— Netflix Korea @netflixkr

Channel tvN — who addressed itself as the actor’s “auntie” — also came to celebrate!

Congrats on your win, OCN’s boy~ From your auntie… LOL.

— tvN @tvn_joy

Soon, the company CJ ENM — which owns both OCN and tvN channels — showed up too, praising the actor.

So proud of this kiddo! Very dashing too. Congratulations on the rookie award, son!

— CJ ENM @cjenm.official

At this point, word must have gotten out that OCN’s hosting one unprecedented online party to acknowledge Jo Byung Gyu’s accomplishment. Because even KBS swung by…

I heard this party is where it’s at, so I came to check it out. Congrats on your win, @bk_arta!

— KBS @kbsdrama

… and presented Jo Byung Gyu with a brief moment of panic.

Jo Byung Gyu’s Instagram story showing KBS’s comment. | @bk_arta/Instagram

Whaaa…!!!? What is even happening, this is amazing…

— Jo Byung Gyu

And K-Drama fans? Well, they simply couldn’t get enough! Plus, it’s not hard to see why these channels dropping all their UWUs over Jo Byung Gyu. He’s a wonder indeed!

| theqoo

That said, here’s from us to OCN’s beloved son and pride: Congratulations on that Rookie Actor award!


Source: theqoo