How “Hospital Playlist” Actor Jo Jung Suk Is Single-Handedly Restoring Our Faith In True Love

What a perfect husband!

On February 4 and 5, soloist Gummy celebrated her 20th debut anniversary with an entertainment-packed two-night concert in Seoul—featuring a special guest!

Soloist Gummy | Gummy/Facebook

Congratulating her on the two decades of remarkable career was her husband and actor Jo Jung Suk: And a string of tweets capturing the actor’s interaction with the soloist has since been “restoring faith in true love” for fans worldwide.

Actor Jo Jung Suk | JS Company

In addition to performing an emotional duet alongside his wife…

…Jo Jung Suk was also being a hopeless romantic on stage. At one point, he was spotted staring at his wife—then, out of the blue on an unrelated note—commenting on how gorgeous she looked.

You look so pretty today.

— Jo Jung Suk

When Gummy asked him when else she looked “pretty,” Jo Jung Suk didn’t hesitate to share the sweetest response.

Gummy: Can I ask you something? I’m curious.

Jo Jung Suk: Sure!

Gummy: When do you find your wife the prettiest?

Jo Jung Suk: Well, I’m sure everyone here already knows my wife’s gorgeous. Isn’t she? You look great tonight. But personally… I love it when you’re not wearing any makeup. I mean your absolute bare face. I’d assume not a lot of people has seen you without makeup. Right?

Gummy: Right.

Jo Jung Suk: You’ve never gone makeup-less on television or anything?

Gummy: No, never. That would not have been good.

Jo Jung Suk: Well, I think your bare face is the most beautiful.

Those who attended the concert shared in collectiveness that Jo Jung Suk couldn’t hide his smile all night.

One commented, “Today I learned that a man can actually prove his feelings to a woman with the look in his eyes… The way Jo Jung Suk couldn’t stop looking at Gummy all night? It was true love.”

Wedding photo showing Gummy (left) and Jo Jung Suk (right). | C-JeS Entertainment

Back in October 2022, Jo Jung Suk responded to cheating allegations and warned legal action. The actor’s fans believe—even more so with his public display of affection at his wife’s concert—that the rumor was completely groundless from the get-go.

Actor Jo Jung Suk’s Label Denies Cheating Allegations With Pro Golfer And Warns Of Legal Action

Source: theqoo