[★BREAKING] BoA and Joo Won confirmed to be in relationship

A new celebrity couple has emerged, with media outlets reporting that actor Joo Won and soloist BoA are currently in a relationship.

TV Report first broke the news, explaining that the two started dating late in 2016. The two were said to have met through a group of mutual friends and were casual acquaintances at first, but started developing feelings for each other after a particular event. Before news of their relationship broke, Joo Won and BoA were both seen at the movie premiere for the film Venus Talk, in which BoA had a cameo.

Representatives from Joo Won’s agency Huayi Brothers has confirmed the relationship, simply saying:

“Joo Won is in a relationship with BoA. We did not check in-depth with Joo Won since it is a personal matter, but we will confirm it.” 

BoA’s agency SM Entertainment has not yet released an official response yet.

The two are said to share similar hobbies, including hiking and golf. The two are both said to be very interested in maintaining their health and enjoy hobbies that keep them active, such as climbing and golf.

Reports also revealed that Joo Won carefully monitored BoA’s acting in JTBC‘s My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week and did not hesitate to give her advice. With BoA venturing more into the acting industry, having veteran actor Joo Won’s advice and guidance will definitely be of great assistance.

A source who is reportedly close to both parties explained:

“Anyone who looks can tell that Joo Won and BoA are a warm couple. They share similar interests and tastes, so they understand each other well. They are meeting each other carefully and sweetly. Their appearance is very beautiful. It’s a couple everyone can envy.”

While the two recently confirmed their relationship, both are expected to be working on big projects this year. It was recently reported that BoA is currently working on a comeback soon and is expected to release the new album in February. Meanwhile, Joo Won’s upcoming drama adaptation of hit movie My Sassy Girl is set to start airing in May. After that, he is expected to enlist in compulsory military duty, where hill serve in active duty.

Source: TV Report, News1