Jung Woo Sung Gives His Honest Thoughts About Actors Asking Fans To Watch Their Movies In Theaters

He wonders how many actors go to the theaters to watch movies.

Actor Jung Woo Sung gave his honest opinion to his junior actors. Recently, he appeared on singer Sung Si Kyung’s YouTube channel and talked about his new movie, 12.12: The Day.

Actor Jung Woo Sung | 성시경 SUNG SI KYUNG/YouTube

When asked about the movie, Jung replied, “It is a film that explores human nature rather than judging historical events. From a certain moment, I played the role of a beggar on the scene. A role that keeps calling and accessing, a human figure trying to break through helplessness.”

Actor Jung Woo Sung | 성시경 SUNG SI KYUNG/YouTube

Jung also revealed that he watches Korean movies regularly at the theater whenever he can. At the same time, he stated, “Slogans saying that Korean movies are having a hard time and to please come watch our movie are meaningless and shameful.”

Actor Jung Woo Sung | 성시경 SUNG SI KYUNG/YouTube

He revealed the harsh reality of the movie world, “Suddenly, on-site ticket reservations became easier. There were no more sofas to sit on while waiting for movies. I know this because I am an actor who watches all the movies in theaters. I wonder how many actors feel this.”

Actor Jung Woo Sung | 성시경 SUNG SI KYUNG/YouTube

He continued, “Actors only say ‘Please come to the theater’ when their movie is being released in theaters. I want to say honestly (to my juniors), ‘Do you go to the theater to watch a Korean movie when it’s released?’”

He advised, “You should definitely go see other actors, other Korean films, small films, low-budget films, and be a part of the audience.”

Meanwhile, Jung appears in the new K-drama Tell Me That You Love Me and revealed he stopped drinking for five months to film this drama.

Source: insight