The Fan Comments That Made Actor Kang Ha Neul Delete His Instagram Account

There was an unexpected disconnect.

If you search for Kang Ha Neul‘s Instagram, the only official account for the actor is one managed by his agency, TH Company. He deleted his personal Instagram account a couple of years ago and shared the reasons behind doing so on a recent episode of The K-Star Next Door.

At the mention of why Kang Ha Neul deleted his Instagram account, the actor reassured everyone it was his choice. A few things made him realize it wasn’t for him.

The first reason was that Kang Ha Neul doesn’t “take pictures a lot,” which is one of the primary purposes of the platform. But the following reason was his final straw.

When he would post brief captions with his promotional photos, Kang Ha Neul thought fans would interpret them as insincere. He said, “If I only upload short postings, it looks effortless. I felt bad for those who read it.

He decided to show his sincerity with longer posts. However, they weren’t well-received at all. Making everyone laugh, Kang Ha Neul revealed fans’ comments, “So I started writing a lot. Then people told me not to write too much.

His co-star, actress Jung So Min, described the actor’s feelings best, “It didn’t meet your sentiment.” Rather than post on Instagram, Kang Ha Neul shares his warm personality and sincerity to fans through other means.

Kang Ha Neul

See the star talk about the disconnect between him and his fans that arose from the length of his Instagram captions.