Actor Kang Ki Young Has A Dramatic Visual Transformation Ahead Of His Upcoming Role In “The Uncanny Encounter 2”

The actor is finally playing a villain, and serving Loki vibes!

Legendary actor Kang Ki Young has become a hot topic after his dramatic transformation in recent photos from an upcoming project.

Actor Kang Ki Young | @booboo2injo/Instagram

Since making his acting debut in 2012, the actor has always gained praise from netizens for his roles. Despite never being the lead, Kang Ki Young always showcased a warm and loveable character in all the K-Dramas and films he’s known for.

Kang Ki Young in “At Eighteen” | JTBC
Kang Ki Young in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” | tvN
Kang Ki Young in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” | MBC

In particular, Kang Ki Young gained even more attention after starring in the hit K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo as Jung Myung Seok.

Kang Ki Young as Myung Seok in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” | ENA

The actor gained attention for his unreal skills and just generally being one of the stars of the show, despite not being a main character.


Yet, it seems like the veteran actor has changed his image completely ahead of starring in the second series of The Uncanny Encounter.

While he usually dresses quite smartly and has a clean-cut image in his biggest roles, the actor looks almost unrecognizable in the new shots.

In the new series, Kang Ki Young is set to play Pil Gwang, who is one of the evil guys that the Counter Squad has to go up against. So, it means that the actor needs a whole new look, and it definitely lived up to expectations!

The photos released by tvN show a completely new side to Kang Ki Young as the actor has now got long hair styled in a mullet and has swapped the nicely tailored suits to pinstripes, which is usually associated with “bad guys.”

In the comments of the OG tweet from tvN, netizens loved the new look from Kang Ki Young.

In particular, many couldn’t hide their excitement at finally seeing Kang Ki Young as a villain, with some even joking that he was in his “Loki” era.

With only a month to go before the new series is released, it will be interesting to see how Kang Ki Young approaches a role completely different from what fans are used to seeing.

Source: @CJnDrama and Wikitree

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

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