Actor Kim Ji Hoon Has Not Washed His Pants In 6 Years — Here’s Why

He has an odd habit.

Actor Kim Ji Hoon has recently been gaining attention for his role in Netflix series Love To Hate You. In the K-Drama, he plays an entertainment company’s popular and handsome CEO. His character is always well-groomed and elegant, so fans were surprised to hear that the actor himself has not washed a particular pair of pants for six years.

Kim Ji Hoon in “Love To Hate You.” | Netflix

On the episode of My Little Old Boy aired on March 12, 2023, he shared that he really loves fashion. Although he loves clothing, whenever he washes them, he gets the feeling that the clothes are ruined somehow. Due to this, he ends up not washing his clothes too often, with some items never being washed at all.

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Due to this unique habit, he tries to keep his clothing as clean as possible. When food gets on his clothes, he wipes only the small stain. He was thankful that he does not have much body odor. Even for sweat, he lets the sweat dry on the clothes.

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In fact, the pants that he wore that day had not been washed for between five to six years. Kim Ji Hoon’s revelation shocked the entire studio. Netizens agreed that jeans and denim do not need to be washed frequently but recommended he invest in a styler machine. A styler can replace dry cleaning and helps not only to remove germs on clothing but also to remove humidity and odors.

Source: Insight