Actor Kim Woo Bin Treatment Of The “Black Knight” Cast And Production Team Gains Attention

It was all published on Instagram for everyone to see!

Actor Kim Woo Bin has always been one of the hottest actors in Korea. From his unreal acting, flawless visuals, and unrivaled charm, Kim Woo Bin never fails to make fans swoon.

Actor Kim Woo Bin | @___kimwoobin/Instagram
| @___kimwoobin/Instagram

Yet, the star has recently been gaining attention for his genuine kindness.

Earlier in the month, Kim Woo Bin gained attention after showcasing his true personality when a junior model shared his bad experiences in the industry.

It seems like the actor is again gaining attention for his real and genuine personality, but this time when it comes to how he treats his co-stars.

Kim Woo Bin’s latest project is the new series, Black Knight. The show is set in a dystopian future devastated by air pollution, where the survival of humanity depends on a group of deliverymen known as the Black Knights.

The poster for “Black Knight” | Netflix

In the show, Kim Woo Bin showcases his unreal acting but also dazzling visuals as he plays the lead character “5-8.” Aside from his acting, Kim Woo Bin has gained attention for how he treats the series’s supporting cast.

On Instagram, the actor has been sharing moments from the show’s filming. In particular, Kim Woo Bin has shared photos of his co-stars from the show, ensuring that each time he posts something, all of those featured in the show and on his Instagram are credited.

| @___kimwoobin/Instagram
| @___kimwoobin/Instagram
| @___kimwoobin/Instagram
| @___kimwoobin/Instagram

In the caption, not only did Kim Woo Bin praise the team, but he went through and wrote all the characters’ names and made sure to tag the stars’ Instagram accounts so they get the credit for the roles.

While it’s not always possible to tag everyone in the photos, another post from Kim Woo Bin saw him sharing photos with some of the supporting cast but ensuring he tagged them on the photos.

For many, it was one of the only ways to recognize the actors from the show, but it also showed how much Kim Woo Bin appreciated them during the filming.

Even on May 16 (KST), Kim Woo Bin shared another set of photos of the staff and crew he worked with.

| @___kimwoobin/Instagram
| @___kimwoobin/Instagram
| @___kimwoobin/Instagram

Along with thanking them in the caption, the large chunk of Korean words on the post are all the names of everyone in the photos. No matter how big or small their role was in the series, Kim Woo Bin made sure to share his appreciation and thank them.

Under the various photos, netizens couldn’t get enough of Kim Woo Bin’s gratitude and his strong leadership.

Kim Woo Bin is a huge star that has been in the industry for over ten years, but he always wants to shine a light on his juniors and showcase how much he appreciates their hard work. After everything he’s been through, it would be easy for Kim Woo Bin to lay low and do his work and go. Yet, he makes an effort with those around him.

You can read more about Kim Woo Bin’s personality shining through below.

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Source: wikitree and @___kimwoobin

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