Actor Lee Beom Soo Is Hit With Allegations That He Abused His Influence Over Students — His Agency Responds

The student claimed they had to be a “slave” to the actor.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Actor Lee Beom Soo, who is currently teaching acting at Shinhan University, has been hit with allegations that he abused his influence over students.

Lee Beom Soo | MBC

The allegations stem from a post written by an alleged student of the actor who alleged they were discriminated against.

The student alleged that Lee Beom Soo often didn’t attend class and claimed that he had split students up by their economic backgrounds into classes A & B. The student alleged that due to this, half of the classes’ first year students dropped out.

Shinhan University | Shinhan University

The student stated that they had been suffering mentally and that students had to do as they were asked to get into the actor’s good graces.

I am suffering from insomnia and suicidal thoughts. I had to become a slave so that Professor Lee Bum Soo would like me. He also made students spy on each other, so it felt like I couldn’t breathe.

— Alleged Student

When asked about the allegations, Lee Beom Soo’s agency stated they weren’t familiar with the situation due to it being a private matter. Shinhan University has since stated that they are investigating the allegations.

Lee Beom Soo is a respected Korean actor, best known for starring drams Iris 2 and On Air. The actor last starred in the 2022 movie Come Back Home. The actor is currently the Department Dean Of Performing Arts at Shinhan University.

Source: SBS
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