“Vincenzo” Actor Shocks Fans With Wedding Announcement And Reveals Beautiful Bride

Congrats to the couple!

Actor Lee Dal announced he was getting married and revealed his beautiful bride.

Lee Dal | @lee__dal/Instagram

On October 11, Sports World reported that the actor was getting married on October 14 in Gangnam, Seoul. Not long after the reports, Lee Dal confirmed the news by making an announcement himself.

In his Instagram post, the actor doted on his fiancé and asked for fans to support his marriage.

I wanted to meet someone who wanted the same things as I did and believed in things that couldn’t be seen. I said if I ever meet someone like that, that I would marry her. That dream is coming true for me this Saturday. I will be honored to be marrying her, who always speaks to me in the language of love. I will become a better actor as the head of our family. Please bless and support us. I love you all.

— Lee Dal

According to the actor’s label, Lee Dal is marrying his fiancé, who was a staff member on a variety show that the actor appeared on in 2021. The label stated that the couple met through the show and eventually started dating.

Lee Dal’s fiancé | @lee_dal/Instagram

Meanwhile, Lee Dal first made his debut in 2010 through the movie First Step. The actor would go on to star in movies Hide And Seek, Slow Video, and Please Don’t Forget Me. He has also starred in hit K-Dramas such as Misaeng, Fight For My Way, and Vincenzo.

Source: wikitree