Actor Lee Do Hyun’s Agency Responds To Allegations Of “Lovestagram” And Regifting Fans’ Gifts

They clarified that she was merely an acquaintance.

Actor Lee Do Hyun has been on the rise lately due to his stellar performance in the drama 18 Again. However, he was recently embroiled in a controversy when fans had uncovered something on social media. They found that his alleged private Instagram account had pressed like on an unidentified female’s post of her in a pig hat.

| @leedododozz/Twitter

The account in question was speculated to be his private account as it is followed by many other models and young actors, including Im Bo Ra. Fans realized that the pig hat was a part of a fan support project that they had gifted Lee Do Hyun earlier for his birthday.

A fan had tweeted the screenshot along with the following caption.

Such an actor exists that has his girlfriend take proof pics of his fans’ gifts?

And the actor presses like on the photo too?

— Fan

Fans were disappointed as he had not once posted to thank the fans for the birthday support. It is customary for celebrities to post proof shots of project gifts and support, showing that they received and appreciated the gift. The support project was still underway but has now been canceled.

| Yuehua Entertainment

It was reported that the fans in charge of this had received requests from other fans to refund their support money. This was not possible as they had already spent a portion of it on the above gifts. The team has decided to donate the remaining money to charity.

Lee Do Hyun’s agency, Yuehua Entertainment, spoke to Star Today and reported that the girl in question was just an acquaintance.

The photo was taken about 3 years ago and it was a place where a few close acquaintances had gathered and they all used the hat together.

— Yuehua Entertainment

Lee Do Hyun has not spoken on the matter and the Instagram post in question has been deleted.

Source: Star Today
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