Actor Lee Dong Wook Calls Out Complaining Subscribers — Netizens Applaud In Approval

“Why are you following me?”

Actor Lee Dong Wook‘s recent messages directed at malicious commenters who pay to receive his messages are going viral.

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On December 11, several private messages from Lee Dong Wook, in which the actor calls out commenters who complained about the actor sending too many messages, were shared online.

Lee Dong Wook, who had previously gone viral for his incredible fan service, is seen genuinely wondering why someone would pay for a service to receive his messages and then complain about receiving them.

Lee Dong Wook’s messages to fans | Theqoo
  • There doesn’t seem to be any lag today, which is good.
  • Hey, but I’m just really curious, and I hope you can answer. It isn’t that I am mad or anything, but I am really curious.
  • Why are you telling me to stop messaging you because it bothers your work?
  • I’m just really curious about your (commenter’s) intentions,

The actor could be seen genuinely asking why someone would pay for a service to receive his message if they didn’t want to receive them.

Lee Dong Wook’s messages to fans | Theqoo
  • Why are you following me? You can cancel your subscription or just turn off the notification or just delete the app together, no?
  • I am genuinely not upset, but I’m just curious as to why people are doing that.
  • I ignore them, but I always receive these types of comments. Why are you guys always saying that? LOL.

The actor then writes how financially it doesn’t make sense to pay a subscription for something they ultimately do not want.

Lee Dong Wook’s messages to fans | Theqoo
  • I mean, financially, I guess I’m grateful that they are still subscribed even if they are acting this way, LOL.
  • But I’m just really curious about their intentions, LOL.
  • Why would you do that on a paid service? LOL. Well, I am grateful, LOL.
  • No, it isn’t that I’m hurt or anything. I’ve lived long enough that things like this don’t bother me.
  • But I’m just curious as to why they are acting this way, LOL. I want to see their face to see what their expression is like.

The actor finally ends his messages to the commenters by thanking them for subscribing despite the bad comments. The actor, however, still expressed his enduring curiosity as to why some of his followers would pay for something they didn’t want.

Lee Dong Wook’s messages to fans | Theqoo
  • Whether it’s because you want attention or otherwise, please still follow me. I would be grateful.
  • Anyways, let’s let this unsolved mystery remain a mystery forever, LOL.
  • Someone suggest what I should eat for dinner, LOL.
  • I’m always the one suggesting.

Fans reacted to the actor’s messages positively, writing those who didn’t want messages from him should just unsubscribe. Other fans criticized the authors of the rude comments, writing it made them upset for the actor.

  • “I don’t understand these people either. Just turn off your notification.”
  • “He’s the epitome of someone with a strong sense of self-worth, LOL. He’s so cool, LOL.”
  • “I guess it’s a win for them since Lee Dong Wook addressed them.”
  • “LOL. He’s hilarious, but he does talk a lot. Are you sure those people weren’t just joking about their good luck?”
  • “He isn’t mad. He’s just really curious as to why they are spending their own money and leaving the app’s notification on, just to act like a fool…”
  • “Do you think the commenters are just playing themselves? Like, ‘Look at me, I’m close enough with a famous-handsome actor who I can talk to however I’d like.'”
  • “The part in which he says, ‘I’m always the one suggesting.'”

This isn’t the first time the handsome actor made news for his messages to fans. Previously, Lee Dong Wook was praised for his messages to fans.

Actor Lee Dong Wook’s Private Messages With Fans Go Viral

Source: theqoo
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