Actor Lee Dong Wook Reveals He Felt Burdened By “Goblin”, While Going Into “The Tale Of The Nine-Tailed”

He doesn’t think he did much to contribute to “Goblin”.

Lee Dong Wook‘s latest fantasy romance, The Tale of the Nine-tailed, is set to air on 7 October 2020 for its first broadcast. Prior to that, the cast sat down for a virtual press conference.

Lee Dong Wook shared his honest thoughts about his success with Goblin. He felt that most of the success should be credited towards the writers. Lee Dong Wook claimed that all he tried to do, was to follow the script. This was as the fantasy world was set up specifically by the writers for good reasons.

Moving into his new fantasy flick, The Tale of the Nine-tailed, Lee Dong Wook revealed that the experience was a unique and fresh one to him. The story itself mixes both reality and fantasy in a refreshing way. He had been captivated ever since he had received the casting offer.

However, as his responsibility towards his works increases, he cannot deny that he feels burdened by his past success with Goblin. As both Goblin and The Tale of the Nine-tailed are similarly shelved in the genre of fantasy romance, Lee Dong Wook reveals that he feels affected by it. As he does not wish to disappoint ardent fans, he vowed to try to show different and newer sides of himself in The Tale of the Nine-tailed.

Lee Dong Wook plays the gumiho, Lee Yeon, a fox spirit, who moves down from the Baekdusan Mountains to get a taste of city life. Jo Bo Ah plays a spunky documentary producer, Nam Ji Ah, that seeks to expose gumihos living in the city amongst humans. Kim Bum also makes a stellar comeback, playing the gumiho’s brother, Lee Rang. He is half-gumiho, half-human.

The Tale of the Nine-tailed airs at 9.30pm KST every Wednesday and Thursday on tvN.

Source: Newsen