“The Hottest Red Flag!”: Actor Lee Jae Wook Is Going Viral As Netizens Simp Over His “Evil” Bad Boy Vibes In “Kill Boksoon”

He was in it for just under 3 minutes… but stole the show!

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This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

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One of the hottest young actors in Korea is Lee Jae Wook, and he’s recently gone viral after fans are simping for his “bad boy vibes” in his latest role.

Actor Lee Jae Wook | @jxxvvxxk/Instagram

Lee Jae Wook has always gained attention for his handsome looks!

| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram
| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram

Since debuting as an actor, he has showcased so many sides but has generally been the good guy.

Whether he was the caring and caring Lee Jang Woo in When The Weather Is Fine, the determined Sunwoo Joon in Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, or even the misunderstood Baek Kyung in Extraordinary You, Lee Jae Wook has always played loved characters.

Lee Jae Wook in “When The Weather Is Fine” | Netflix
Lee Jae Wook in “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” | The Swoon/YouTube
Lee Jae Wook in “Extraordinary You” | MBC

More recently, he shined as Jang Uk in Alchemy Of Souls. His character might have been cold, but he had a heart of gold.

Lee Jae Wook in “Alchemy of Souls” 

Well, his recent role has netizens shocked as he truly epitomizes what it means to be a bad guy… but netizens can’t help simping over him, nevertheless.

One of the latest Korean films is Kill Boksoon. It stars Crash Course In Romance star Jeon Do Yeon, who plays single mother Gil Bok Soon, a lethal killer.

The poster for “KIll Boksoon” | Netflix

Lee Jae Wook makes a brief cameo as the young version of Cha Min Kyu, who runs for M.K. Ent where Bok Soon works, and Sol Kyung Gu plays his character.

While fans love Lee Jae Wook, his cold and sharp visuals made him perfect for playing Cha Min Kyu. Nobody expected him to slay the villain role that much. Even before his face was shown, Lee Jae Wook’s tone was sinister… and sexy.

The flashback was the first time he met Bok Soon… when he was attempting to kill her dad. With the dad in a noose, Lee Jae Wook had a menacing look in his eye that lacked remorse or guilt.

When Bok Soon arrived from school, even his hiding techniques (which are a massive red flag… or one of many) seemed hot AF he went into a dark place to hide.

As she entered, he confronted her with a gun. While it’s a normal bad guy weapon, fans have never seen the young actor wielding a weapon that isn’t from the Joseon era!

Although Bok Soon is a minor, he isn’t afraid to scare her a little. But he was shocked when the young girl’s attitude was far from what he expected, as the smirk slowly left his face.


In the end, even he seemed shocked and in awe of Bok Soon’s confidence, and Lee Jae Wook perfectly showcased the many sides and layers to the complicated character.

When the clips were posted, netizens couldn’t get over the new side of the young actor. While he was playing a baddie, it wasn’t surprising that many couldn’t stop simping over Lee Jae Wook.

While Lee Jae Wook is showcasing his versatility as an actor, it’s hard to see him as anything like a villain when he’s so darn sexy!

You can read more about the movie below.

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