“Crash Course In Romance” Actress Jeon Do Yeon’s Shocking Transformation For “Kill Boksoon” — Including A NSFW Scene

From banchan store owner to trained killer!

Korean movies and Korean dramas have become hot topics worldwide, and it seems like companies can’t stop releasing content loved by global fans. One veteran actress that has been gaining a lot of attention in 2023 is Jeon Do Yeon.

Actress Jeon Do Yeon | @management_soop/Instagram

At the start of the year, the 50-year-old actress gained attention as Nam Haeng Seon in Crash Course In Romance.

Jeon Do Yeon played a side dish store, and after giving up her dream to be an athlete to take care of her niece, her world changed after meeting star tutor Choi Chi Yeol.

Jeon Do Yeon in “Crash Course In Romance” | tvN

Despite being a strong woman, Nam Haeng Seon’s character was known for being caring, sweet, and willing to do anything for her family.

The actress has gained attention for her shocking transformation in the latest Korean film Kill Boksoon, where she plays single mother Gil Bok Soon, also a lethal killer.

The poster for “Kill Boksoon” | Netflix

From the minute the teaser images were released, Jeon Do Yeon gained attention for a huge transformation in her image.

Gone was the side dish store owner look, and it was replaced with someone who was dressed sleeker, more clean-cut, and sexier.

| Netflix
| Netflix

Of course, a lethal killer is very different from someone who owns a side dish store, and it is reflected in the scenes. Although being underestimated as a female, Jeon Do Yeon’s character isn’t afraid of her profession and showcases unrivaled confidence throughout the fight scenes.


Even in the regular scenes, Jeon Do Yeon could pass for someone 20 years her junior, radiating youth, charisma, and style.

| Netflix
| Netflix

If that wasn’t enough, the actress showed the true duality in an NSFW scene. Although her character in Crash Course In Romance had love-making scenes, Gik Bok Soon had a very different take when she bared all during a passionate scene with fellow actor Koo Gyo Hwan.

| Netflix

When the film was released, netizens couldn’t get over the veteran star’s duality. Within the space of a few months, Jeon Do Yeon has showcased two very different characters and aced them perfectly.

She isn’t the only star showcasing duality in the show. Despite being in the film for less than three minutes, actor Lee Jae Wook also stole the hearts of fans as the hottest bad guy possible.

Lee Jae Wook in “Kill Boksoon” | Netflix
| Netflix  

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