Actor Lee Sang Yi Has Been Hiding A Ripped-AF Body: Here’s The Full Reveal For The First Time Since Debut

🔥🔥🔥 Sir-!🔥🔥🔥

Youth of May and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha actor Lee Sang Yi doesn’t need to show skin to prove he’s hot.

Actor Lee Sang Yi | @leesangyi_/Instagram

But in a recent Instagram update by his celebrity trainer Kim Dae Hyun (well known for his transformations of actor Song Kang, idol Cha Eunwoo, and more)…

Lee Sang Yi (left) with Kim Dae Hyun (right) at the gym. | @xx._.dh/Instagram

…Lee Sang Yi was captured showing off his muscular build for the first time since his debut eight years ago in 2014.

Lee Sang Yi for the ULOS shoot 🎥

Now he’s ripped for life 🍫🍫🍫🍫

#Actor #LeeSangYi #ULOS #Commercial #Shoot
#KimDaeHyunStudio #KimDaeHyunPT #TrainerKimDaeHyun

— Kim Dae Hyun

And, well, he’s ripped AF!

| @xx._.dh/Instagram

Based on the trainer’s caption, Lee Sang Yi must have started working out for his ULOS brand body wash commercial but kept in shape even after the shoot.

Lee Sang Yi fans, who had no idea the actor had been hiding such a beastly figure underneath his total sweetheart shell, are 200% shook by the unexpected but much-appreciated reveal.

| @xx._.dh/Instagram
  • “What is going on, Sang Yi!”
  • “F*cking hot…”
  • “You did it again, Trainer Kim.”
  • “Wow, wow, wow, wow.”
  • “He’s PERFECTION. Thank you, trainer-nim!”
  • “Holy moly! Sang Yi is ripped.”
  • “He went all out, huh?! That must have been exhausting.”
  • “This is insane. THANK YOU SO MUCH, TRAINER-NIM!”
  • “I love that he’s out and about flexing his muscles now.”
  • “Holy wow.”

Lee Sang Yi is set to appear in Hunting Dogs, a webtoon-based K-Drama premiering on Netflix.

The cast of “Hunting Dogs.” | @NetflixKR/Twitter
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