Actor Lee Sun Kyun Removed From Upcoming K-Drama Following Drug Controversy

They have not decided on a replacement yet.

Actor Lee Sun Kyun has been removed from his upcoming K-Drama No Way Out following his drug controversy.

In an official statement from the production team of No Way Out, they shared the news of Lee Sun Kyun’s departure.

Following the unpleasant incident involving Lee Sun Kyun last week, it is expected that it will take a considerable length of time for this situation to be cleared up, leading to him dropping out of the show.

The production company has accepted the actor’s position after coming to an agreement with his agency. Filming for the K-Drama is currently underway and will not be postponed.

— No Way Out production team

No Way Out is a K-Drama that tells the story of a heinous criminal who is released from prison. Due to the nature of his crimes, a massive bounty is placed on his head. Since the criminal was officially released, the police must protect him, even unwillingly.

Lee Sun Kyun was unveiled as the top star involved in a drug case. He has stated he is being blackmailed by an unknown individual.

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Source: Sports Chosun