Actor Oh Jung Se Suffers From A Disability That Once Prevented Him From Recognizing His Own Son

He couldn’t recognize his own son.

On a recent episode of Channel A‘s Heard It From A Grapevine, the panel talked about actor Oh Jung Se, who is famously known for his role on It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, and the disability he suffers from.

It’s been revealed that Oh Jung Se suffers from prosopagnosia, which is a cognitive disorder that prevents one from recognizing familiar faces.

It’s also been revealed that due to this disorder, Oh Jung Se failed to recognize his famous co-stars as well as his own son.

One reporter even shared a story.

One time, Oh Jung Se was on set, and a co-star was looking at a photo of a cute kid in the waiting room. When Oh Jung Se saw the photo, he said, ‘Aw, that looks just like my son.’  But the co-star reacted in a strange way. Because the photo was of Oh Jung Se’s son.

— Reporter

The reporter added,

Oh Jung Se said it casually at the time, so it sounded like a joke. But it’s scary if this is your daily life.

— Reporter

In a past radio interview, Oh Jung Se himself confessed,

When I run into people I know on the streets, I don’t recognize them. It’s not that I don’t remember them. I just can’t recognize them.

— Oh Jung Se

He clarified,

I’m not pretending not to know them on purpose. But I feel really bad for the people around me.

— Oh Jung Se

Source: Insight
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