Actor Seo Ji Hoon States He Never Received An Offer To Play Role Of BTS In New Drama

He hasn’t even heard about this drama.

Previously on August 24, media outlets released an article stating that actor Seo Ji Hoon would be playing the role of a BTS member in the new drama Blue Sky, produced by Chorokbaem Media.

The media officials revealed that the other actors for the other members were also all cast and ready to go. Although they were to start filming this month, they delayed all activities until further notice due to the resurgence of COVID-19.

Blue Sky will cover the story of BTS from their school days to their debut. Although the general concept of the drama will be about BTS’s story, they will still add many details and stories will be added-on. They will also be using different names from the real names of the members.

Producer Kim Hae Hong will direct with Kim Soo Jin writing the script of the drama. Seo Ji Hoon, is currently acting in the drama To All The Guys Who Loved Me.

After news of this went out, Seo Ji Hoon’s agency released an official statement revealing that they have never received an offer regarding this drama.

We have never received an offer for this drama. Nothing has been confirmed for Seo Ji Hoon’s next project. This is the first time we have even heard about this drama. We have not received any scripts with the same title either.

-Seo Ji Hoon’s agency

Stay tuned as the hunt for actors to play the members continue!

Source: ilgan sports and sports today