Manager Of 13 Years Accuses Actor Shin Hyun Joon Of Severe Abuse That Made Him Want To Take His Own Life

The actor and manager reportedly started out as friends.

Not long after actor Lee Soon Jae‘s manager mistreatment controversy, actor Shin Hyun Joon (52) has been accused of abusing his manager of 13 years to the point that he wanted to take his own life.

In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Kwang Seop (52), who has been Shin Hyun Joon’s manager for 13 years, claimed that he suffered severe mistreatment by the actor.

Kim Kwang Seop and Shin Hyun Joon first met as friends, but upon Shin Hyun Joon’s offer, Kim Kwang Seop soon began to work for him as his manager.

His monthly salary was 600,000 won (~$502 USD), and even after Shin Hyun Joon rose to stardom, his monthly salary remained at 600,000 won for 2 years. And after that, Shin Hyun Joon reportedly offered to give him 10% of the profits from projects and advertisements instead of his monthly salary, but that never happened either.

He filmed clothing and phone commercials worth 200 to 300 million won (~$167,000 to $251,000 USD), but all I got was 2 million won (~$1700 USD).

– Kim Kwang Seop

But that’s not all. According to Kim Kwang Seop, not only did Shin Hyun Joon curse at him whenever he wasn’t satisfied, but he also made him run errands for his mother.

His mother told me to report her son’s situationt to her every day, drop her off at church, buy her coffee milk, wash her car, pick up free gifts from the bank, and more.

– Kim Kwang Seop

Kim Kwang Seop expressed,

I accepted the unfair treatment because beyond being an actor, I believed him to be a friend. I resent myself for trusting him for so long out of being naive.

– Kim Kwang Seop

Source: Insight