OG Heartthrob Actor So Ji Sub Talks About How Married Life Changed Him

Love changes everyone, even K-Drama stars.

One of K-Drama’s original heartthrobs, actor So Ji Sub, spoke about how his life has changed since marrying his wife.

So Ji Sub | Wikitree

On October 20, Wikitree released an exclusive interview with the star, who spoke candidly about marriage life. The actor married former TV personality Jo Eun Jung, in 2020.

Jo Eun Jung |

The star spoke about the positive changes marriage life has afforded the actor.

To talk about So Ji Sub, the person, married people always say they found a sense of security. I’ve now come to also feel this. I’ve really found a sense of security and have found a sense of peace.

— So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub also spoke about a new sense of responsibility to his new family and stated he is relishing the couple’s honeymoon stage.

I also feel a different sense of responsibility that I hadn’t felt when I lived alone, but I’ve come to enjoy that responsibility. After marriage, I’m making more of an effort to enjoy time with those around me, and I’ve come to find inner peace. This might be because we are still in the honeymoon stage.

— So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub got married to former TV personality Jo Eun Jung in 2020. Due to COVID-19, they started their life together without holding a ceremony.

So Ji Sub and his wife met during a legendary section on SBS’s Access Showbiz Tonight. The actor was originally on the show to speak about his then-upcoming movie Be With You, and Jo Eun Jung  conducted the interview. The two, however, couldn’t hide their instant attraction toward one another. The best part about it? You can watch the couple fall in love all over again in the link below.

Source: Wikitree
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