Actor Song Joong Ki Suffered From Utter Despair During The Filming Of “Space Sweepers”

He had given up on life.

Actor Song Joong Ki appeared at the press conference for Netflix‘s Space Sweepers where he drew similarities between his character, Kim Tae Ho, and himself.

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Song Joong Ki shared that when he first thought of his character, he was reminded of the feeling of utter despair and self-abandonment.

I thought of him as a person who had given up on life, and someone who has no thoughts of his own and feels unmotivated.

— Song Joong Ki

“Space Sweepers” | Netflix

But the more surprising revelation was Song Joong Ki’s confession that that’s how he felt in real life when he was filming the movie.

I feel like Kim Tae Ho’s feelings were very similar to that of me, Song Joong Ki, in real life when I first started filming.

— Song Joong Ki

“Space Sweepers” | Netflix

As devastating as that is, Song Joong Ki went on to stress that those feelings didn’t last for his character in Space Sweepers.

After Tae Ho goes through many ups and downs and gives up on life, he meets a crew that helps him find a meaning in life, gain courage, and feel a little more motivated. In that sense, the crew helped him a lot.

— Song Joong Ki

“Space Sweepers” | Netflix

Just like how Kim Tae Ho had people around to help him get back up, here’s hoping Song Joong Ki had the same in real life.

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Space Sweepers, which is about a space crew chasing after space debris in 2092, will be released on February 5 on Netflix.

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