Actor Suga? The BTS Member Reveals An Unexpected Opportunity That Came His Way

Oh, the possibilities…

BTS member Suga appeared as a guest on the recent episode of IU’s Palette, a YouTube talk show hosted by IU.

The two artists had candid conversations about Suga’s upcoming album D-Day and also looked back at some of his older works under the alias of Agust D. While the two were talking about his second mixtape, D-2, IU mentioned that she really liked the music video of the title track “Daechwita.”

Suga started teasing her, saying she only complimented the music video and not the song itself, making IU burst into laughter while she protested. She then clarified that after watching the music video, she reached out to Suga and praised his acting skills.

The BTS member then suddenly revealed that after the “Daechwita” music video was released, he had received a script for an acting project, but he decided to pass it up.

When IU asked him the reason for declining, Suga said his face doesn’t match up to the required handsomeness of actors, promptly inviting vehement disagreement from the host. Accepting his defeat, the rapper just said that he doesn’t have any interest in pursuing a career in acting, so he didn’t take up the offer.

It seems like IU is not the only one who disagrees with Suga’s self-assessment as an actor. Ever since the episode got released, ARMYs have been mourning the chance to see actor Suga in his full glory, who has otherwise shown up briefly in BTS’s game content and music videos.

Well, as the saying goes, never say never!