Actor Sung Joon To Make His Acting Comeback With Ghost Themed Movie Following Military Discharge

Actor Sung Joon is back!

Actor Sung Joon will make his acting comeback with a ghost themed movie, and this will be his first work since completing his military service.

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Sung Joon will be taking on the main role in the movie Ghost Mansion, an anthology work which will consist of five ghost story episodes edited into movie format. Viewers will be able to experience a sense of fear that is tied to everyday experiences, such as hearing noises between floors, mold, and elevator scenes. Sung Joon will play the role of Ji Woo, a webtoon artist who visits Gwanglim Mansion in search of new ideas.

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Ghost Mansion is directed by Jo Bareun, who also worked on Gang and SLATE. He will include his own directing style in the movie, showing off fresh material, unique stories, and unconventional characters to present a different style of horror movie. He took particular interest in the production itself, such as the art and the lighting, to maximize the reality and fear as if the viewer is experiencing the horror themselves.

Ghost Mansion is the theatrical version of the K-Drama of the same name. The movie version will be edited into five episodes and be viewable first in theaters, with release on Olleh TV, Seezn, and Skylife on July 30.

Source: Sports Chosun