Movie Star With Last Name “Yang” Arrested For Using Methamphetamine

Various actors with last name “Yang” responded.

A movie star with the last name “Yang” was arrested for illegally using philopon, also known as methamphetamine. He has also been charged for trafficking the drugs.

Actor Yang was first arrested late at night when he crashed into another car after driving recklessly. The police conducted a drug test on him and he tested positive for philopon in his system.

Yang joins the growing list of celebrities that have recently been caught using illegal drugs, and many netizens began pointing fingers at various actors with the last name “Yang”.

Numerous agencies of these actors spoke up to deny that their talents were the actor in question.

“Yang Se Jong has no affiliation with the reports. He’s currently filming a drama.”

 — Good People


“After looking into the reports, we found that [Yang Dong Geun] has no relations with it. He’s currently working on KBS2’s My Fellow Citizens! and will be starting a movie soon.”

— JO Entertainment


“Yang Ik Joon is definitely not [the accused]. He’s currently working on projects as both a director and an actor. He has nothing to do with it.”

— BH Entertainment


Yang Joo Ho, Yang Hyun Min, and Yang Moon Suk have also denied accusations that they were the criminal in question.

Source: Osen
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