Actor Yoo Ah In Is Expected To Pay 10 Billion Won Or More In Penalties For Breaking Advertisement Contracts

He models for multiple brands.

Actor Yoo Ah In, who has tested positive for four different drugs, is expected to pay ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $7.71 million USD) or more in penalties for breach of contracts with the companies he advertises for.

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Lawyer Kim Sung Hoon stated on YTN this possibility and explained what advertising contracts usually look like.

It is very likely that Yoo Ah In will have to pay more than ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $7.71 million USD) in penalties for breach of contracts. However, we cannot rule out the possibility of reaching an agreement before a lawsuit. Usually, advertising contracts include a clause that requires performers and artists to pay a penalty equivalent to or more than the advertisement cost if they commit crimes that cause social controversy that stop the advertisements from running and ruin the company’s reputation.

— Lawyer Kim Sung Hoon

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Yoo Ah Is not an exception to this rule. He is known to be a model for more than ten brands, including food, fashion, and outdoor companies, and he is expected to make about ₩800 million KRW (about $617,000 USD) to ₩900 million KRW (about $694,000 USD) annually in model fees.

The lawyer pointed out that a lawsuit may happen if they do not reach a compensation agreement.

Depending on how far they are willing to come into agreement, a compensation agreement can be reached without a lawsuit. However, if they do not agree with one another, a lawsuit is expected.

— Lawyer Kim Sung Hoon

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Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In has admitted to taking drugs and apologized for his actions.

And I would like to send an apology to those who have worked with me on movies, dramas, and advertisements. I deeply regret not taking my responsibilities seriously, and I would like to apologize to each of my colleagues who strived to reach for a dream and a goal. I am sorry for causing you harm. I will work towards taking full responsibility.

— Yoo Ah In

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