Actor Yoo Ah In Tests Positive For Cocaine And Ketamine

He has tested positive for four different drugs.

Yoo Ah In has tested positive for two more drugs — cocaine and ketamine.

According to an exclusive report from TV Chosun, Yoo Ah In has tested postive for two more drugs, being cocaine and ketamine. During the police and Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s raid of Yoo Ah In on February 5, the conducted a drug test on him. The investigation was launched after it was revealed Yoo Ah In was habitually using propofol.

At the time, police only found two drugs in Yoo Ah In’s system — propofol and marijuana. There were also reports of a third drug being detected, but the type of drug was not disclosed. However, the National Forensic Service has determined that both cocaine and ketamine were also detected in Yoo Ah In’s drug test, totalling four different drugs in his system.

Cocaine is known to be one of the most addictive drugs among all recreational drugs due to the way that it affects the nervous system, even after trying it just one time. Ketamine is an anesthetic similar to propofol but was classified as a drug in 2006 due to concerns of abuse and misuse.

Police have already secured records of Yoo Ah In’s ketamine prescriptions during their search and seizure of the hospital he frequented and are checking whether he was also a habitual user of ketamine. Yoo Ah In will be summoned for investigation as early as next week as a suspect by the police.

Source: TV Chosun
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