Media Reveals Yoo Ah In Injected The Drug Propofol 73 Times In One Year

Over six times a month.

Channel A revealed that Yoo Ah In injected the drug propofol a staggering 73 times in just one year.

According to an exclusive report from Channel A, Yoo Ah In has been a habitual user of propofol. He tested positive for both propofol and marijuana, as well as an unknown third drug so far through a urine drug test. A hair drug test will be conducted to obtain more accurate results.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety shared that Yoo Ah In used propofol 73 times between the dates of January 4, 2021 to December 23, 2021. The total amount of propofol that he used was 4,400 mililiters.

A search and seizure warrant was issued for Yoo Ah In’s residence, where two cell phones were amongst the items taken. The police plan to summon Yoo Ah In soon for investigation. His agency, United Artists Agency, briefly commented on the matter.

We haven’t received any official information from the police at this point.

Yoo Ah In will cooperate with the police investigation.

— United Artists Agency

Source: Channel A
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