Actor Yoo Ah In Tests Positive For A Third Drug Along With Marijuana And Propofol

Suspicion of one drug abuse led to the discovery of three.

According to reports by MBC News, actor Yoo Ah In has tested positive for a third drug, hours after reports of him testing positive for propofol came to light.

The report stated that the National Forensic Service (NFS) test found traces of marijuana, propofol, and a third type of drug, with the help of urine sample testing and hair follicle testing. Originally, the actor was under investigation for suspected abuse of propofol. The police collected the samples from Yoo Ah In on February 5 and handed them to the NFS.

Actor Yoo Ah In Tests Positive For Abuse Of The Drug Propofol

Urine testing is effective in detecting short-term usage, while hair follicle tests can determine drug usage for up to one year. That is why the latter is considered more accurate than the former. Yoo Ah In was found to be abusing the three different types of drugs through hair testing, and it also confirmed that he habitually used propofol. The police reportedly plan to bring in the actor to investigate as a suspect as soon as the digital analysis report comes out.

Oh Yoo Kyung, the minister of Food and Drug Safety in South Korea, confirmed the reports and mentioned Yoo Ah In’s real name in his statement.

It was not Yoo Ah In that the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety caught, but Um Hong Shik.

—Oh Yoo Kyung

The actor’s agency UAA said that they have not received any information from the police, but they will be cooperating with the investigation.

We haven’t recieved any official reports from the police, but we plan to cooperate truthfully to the investigations as the official orders come out.


Source: MBC News
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