29-Year-Old Actress Go Ah Sung Still Shares A Room With Her Sister — Here’s Why

“I’ve never had my own room before in my life.” — Go Ah Sung

Actress, Go Ah Sung, who debuted 17 years ago and is currently 29 years old, has never had her own room before.

And on a recent episode of tvN‘s On and Off, Go Ah Sung revealed why that is.

On the show, Go Ah Sung revealed that she has two older sisters and that she shares a room with the second eldest.

Our household has three daughters. I’ve never had my own room before. We had to split up into 2 rooms, so I went with my second eldest sister because we mesh well.

— Go Ah Sung

Go Ah Sung confessed that she’s never had her room before but that she doesn’t plan on having one in the future either.

I’ve never had my room before, and I have no plans for it either.

— Go Ah Sung

And her reason is simply that she loves her family.

I’m really happy right now while living with my family.

— Go Ah Sung

Despite Go Ah Sung’s success as an actress, she chooses to live with her family and share a room with her sister even if it comes with unexpected noises and realizing her sister wore her clothes.

Check out the full revelation in the clip below:

Source: Insight