Actress Ahn Eun Jin Is A Successful Fan Girl After Making Eye Contact With Her NewJeans Bias

How lucky is she!

Recently, actress Ahn Eun Jin appeared as a guest on tvN’s You Quiz On The Block, revealing her favorite NewJeans member as Hanni. She stated, “My favorite member is Hanni, and she stared at me for five seconds. I looked at Hanni as if fascinated, and actor Ryu Jun Yeol said, ‘She’s looking at you,’ and I thought my heart stopped.”

Ahn Eun Jin on tvN’s ‘You Quiz On The Block’ | You Quiz On The Block/tvN

After hearing this, Yoo Jae Seok asked, “Is this confirmed?” To this, she replied, “Junyeol oppa and Yoo Hae Jin were next to me. Isn’t this enough?” Yoo responded right back, saying, “She could have been looking at them.” Ahn had no intention of backing down and answered, “I think it was me. I was very close, and I was being quite distracting, so it’s probably me. That’s why that day was spectacular.”

Recently, NewJeans’ Hanni responded to Ahn Eun Jin’s story through a live broadcast with member Hyein.

NewJeans’ live broadcast | Phoning

I saw that recently. I saw Ahn Eun Jin on the show, she was so cute. She said that she made eye contact with me for fie seconds. I did make eye contact with her while I was performing on stage. I saw her dancing in front of me, but I didn’t know she would react that way.

⁠— NewJeans’ Hanni

When Hyein asked if she really did make eye contact for five seconds, Hanni replied shyly, “That’s right.”

Fans also congratulated Eun Jin on becoming a successful fan girl!

Eunjin is a successful fan girl, so lucky!

Wow Eun Jin is so lucky! Congrats!

Wow Eun Jin daebak! So lucky!

Hanni also stated that she would run to meet her if they ever met in the future, making Ahn Eun Jin and even more successful fangirl!

Source: tenasia