Actress Bae Yoon Kyung Shares A Moving Story About Song Ji Hyo At A Wedding

Even the “Running Man” members were surprised.

Actress Bae Yoon Kyung recently appeared on SBS‘s Running Man as a guest where she shared an interesting story about meeting Song Ji Hyo before at a wedding.

Bae Yoon Kyung elicited curiosity by confessing that she had seen Song Ji Hyo in Jeonju before. She was at a wedding for a colleague when she realized Song Ji Hyo was hosting the event.

The person who does my hair and makeup had a wedding, and Song Ji Hyo was the host there.

— Bae Yoon Kyung

| @_yoonkyoung/Instagram

Even the Running Man members were surprised by the fact that Song Ji Hyo traveled all the way down to Jeonju to host a wedding.

You should’ve told us earlier. We didn’t know Ji Hyo hosted a wedding.

Running Man members

And Song Ji Hyo jokingly praised herself on her performance.

I did a good job hosting that day.

— Song Ji Hyo

Despite her carefree image, Song Ji Hyo is actually very committed to celebrating her friends! This isn’t the first time she was involved in a touching wedding story.


On tvN‘s Life Bar, actor Lee Sung Min praised Song Ji Hyo for the lengths she takes to attend her friends’ weddings.

You can see Song Ji Hyo in all sorts of family events. There was once a wedding before filming, and she went there without a manager and came back to film.

— Lee Sung Min

Props to Song Ji Hyo for simply being her amazing self!

Source: Insight
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